School-Live! #06 — Montage!

August 13th, 2015


I’m tired of montages now.


The goddamned flashback arc stretches on, and has now equalled the rest of the show in length, although blissfully finally seems over, although I wouldn’t count us out yet, because ol’ Brunette I’m sure has her own origin story that we’ll no doubt feel the need to cover too. At least the cat’s finally out of the bag about ol’ who’s her face, although the bag was pretty much nonexistent to begin with. The damned episode wasn’t even about her though, or her delusional buddy imagining her for that matter, and went into straight up dumb shenanigans again in the last third, complete with long montage. “Can you explain?” “Yeah, she was a teacher and she died.” “Oh.” “SHENANIGANS MONTAGE.”

 It was basically a repeat of the first episode, except with the ‘shocking’ reveal coming at the end of the first half and Blondie taking the audience’s place, and then they just go “Oh right, she’s dead.” At least they did something somewhat different with the gradual slowing/distorting music instead of just an obnoxious reaction face, red-tinged background, and noisy stinger, but you’d think they would have made a bigger deal about this, or, you know, worked it into the story in some way, instead of being a sidenote to the unneeded introduction arc for a completely different character, revealed and then tossed aside for more shenanigans all in the span of about two minutes.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    My question is: are you actually enjoying this series?

    From your description it doesn’t sound bad enough to be “good”; just bad. (I gave up after the first episode and your weekly reports haven’t suggested that there is much reason for me to regret my decision…)

    • Aroduc says:

      Not really, and especially not for this month long flashback arc. Every now and then, it does a little bit with the direction that’s interesting, but the writing’s a mess, the pacing glacial, the setting a disaster (literally and figuratively), and the characters a crapshoot of obnoxious, pointless, and (rather ironically), nonexistent. Might as well kill off two more of them for all the purpose and influence they’ve had after 6 goddamned episodes.

      But it airs before I go to work in the morning, so I can half-awakedly sludge through it and go out, feeling refreshed. I often have a slightly higher tolerance for things very early on weekdays, or in the evenings, although that’s become a rarity since AT-X gave up on their weird (Japanese) morning broadcast block.

  • Topokad says:

    I used to think that people who are upset with adaptations were just nitpicking, but this is awful. Apparently somebody decided to remove all the plot in favor of cute dog flashbacks. And the original author is in charge of the series composition and is approving every of these episodes. Why.

    • Dave Baranyi says:

      Why? To quote Crusty the Clown; “They dumped a truck full of money onto my driveway and forced me to take it!”…

  • The Phantom says:

    Ah man I really wanted that girl to snap, for a second it seemed like she was going to go crazy, I was also under the impression that brown haired was going to kick new girl out.

    Those girls taking advantage of a sick girl for a their daily amusement, those 3 girls are evil, and brown haired seems like the mastermind, overall I like what they are doing with the plot, is certainly not great but is always interesting.

  • v1cious says:

    I loved how the music got all distorted when Yuki’s world started breaking down. That was brilliant direction.