School-Live #05 — Fashion Montage!

August 6th, 2015


Was this supposed to be the fanservice episode?


This may have managed to be even worse than expected with a singleminded effort to make this the most survivable and least comprehensible zombie apocalypse ever. They’re constantly scampering around, screaming, yelling, barking, etc, and what is the terrible thing that drives them into a panic? Discovering that there’s somewhat more zombies than they thought in an enclosed room even though there are almost none anywhere else. *gasp* Oh, and they can paralyze all zombies in the radius of “a mall” with their magical Japanese sonic attacks. Gee. That was convenient. Well, that and stretching out this flashback arc crap for yet another goddamned week, although the fashion montage and flashback within flashback weren’t helping much either. Christ. The end of this episode was finally meeting up with Gray-Hair. Teach may as well be wearing a sandwich board at this point too for her ‘part’ in the episode.

Next Episode:

More flashback.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    Hmmm…well, I dislike flashbacks probably as much as you do, but since this show started dead nuts with the apocalypse up and running, wouldn’t flashbacks make sense to fill in what and how it all happened?

    OK sure… maybe not to this extent and maybe they’re dragging the flashbacks out, but it seems to me that flashbacks make sense for this particular show simply because they choose this route (ie., back filling the story for the viewers).

    Sure, they could have dove in with the zombie apocalypse running, pedal to the metal, and never looked back. That would be an obvious second route, but wouldn’t that leave too much back story untold and confuse the viewers?

    I’m asking strictly from a story telling POV, and not trying to be nitpicky on your dislike for flashbacks as I usually hate them as well. Repeating myself here. You do that when you grow old as I have.

    If you want to know the secret to invisibility, just grow old.

    Maybe the flashbacks in this show could have been a bit more subtle and well place instead of looking like time killing filler, but then, maybe the flashbacks ARE the show… and not present day so much.

    I don’t know… fucking cartoons. The writing gets worse and worse every damn year.l

    • Aroduc says:

      Not really. Seeing how it happened is not interesting to me. It’s a zombie apocalypse. I mean, come on. Nor are they even trying to do anything even vaguely interesting with it. Better to just move on to what should be the meat.

      Besides, we’re not even seeing how it happened. We’re seeing how they moved a girl and dog from point A to point B, and it’s taking three episodes to do even that because they keep stopping to try on clothes and play with dogs. At the same time, it’s undermining its own setting by making the zombies less of a danger than if they were just a herd of cows that had wandered into a mall.

  • Paulo27 says:

    I hope a fucking piano comes down from the skies one day and kills the damn dog, god damn it, he’s probably the most annoying pet I have ever seen in an anime.