Charlotte #06 — Brought to You By Sarah McLachlan

August 8th, 2015


Christ, there’s no halfway with Maeda.

Two things. Not sure if I’m covering Gatchaman or Working anymore. Last week’s episodes were boringly godawful. This week is supposedly a Yamada episode, but they’re wasted her the last two seasons, so if it doesn’t look okay at a glance, it’s not happening. Edit: First 5 minutes was yet more goddamned relationship melodrama and relegated to little more than a side note was Poplar home sick hallucinating pixie versions of other characters to make room for more handwringing over feelings, so it’s clear where the priorities lie, and I ain’t buying. Same with Preachyman (2x Edit: Its broadcast is delayed over 2 hours today anyway). Second, I’ve been pressured into some manner of cult that has an annual meeting to baptize about 400 corgis next Saturday morning. I may get to Charlotte before I take off, but probably not. It and definitely Rokka will very likely be pushed to the afternoon.


The ending here was so ridiculously far out of line with most of the previous episodes that it may as well come from a different show entirely. I only say most because of the approximately two minutes total out of 120 when it spat out My Brother Is a Vegetable, and I Can’t Believe These Bullies Are Picking On Me. And like the random gang of roaming bullies wandering around beating people up last week, it relies largely on The Force to be effective. I don’t even really want to talk about that part much either since, also like the roaming gang of bulliest last week, it was barely more than a tagline to an episode that was otherwise entirely filler and fluff.

Look at how they take care of her. See how much they care. You should care too. She is a helpless child with the sniffles. Now let’s have her chased down by a crazy person with a boxcutter until she literally explodes, and destroys an entire school. And she’s one of the good mutants. Wait, no. Bad Aroduc. Not talking about that part. Point is, this was about 18 straight minutes of a doe-eyed child staring at the screen in a bald-faced, half-assed attempt to elicit sympathy before attempting to use a howitzer to finish the job. If you’ve seen those obnoxious Sarah McLachlan commercials that are just montages of sad pictures of dogs, or any of the “Save an African child” things, this was basically 20 minutes straight of that, except instead of ending with “and you can save them for pennies a day,” it ended with “murderous psychopaths are coming to kill them.”


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Have you ever thought about doing a mid-season re-watch of all the shows you passed over? Some of them turned out slightly more… entertaing to watch. Personally, I think Gangsta and Prison School have gotten pretty good, and Monster Girls has “some” if they ever decide to expand on their premise and not their gimmick, although, your mileage may vary somewhat. Especially with Gangsta, they’re not gonna win any awards for character depth or story writing.

    • Aroduc says:

      While waiting for things to pop up, I often turn on shows, especially action ones, an glance at them for anything interesting. Mostly no though, and the thing about most shows, especially, say, Gangsta, is that all the people who talk it up were also talking up the same episodes I watched and was bored/turned off by.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I would have preferred 20 minutes of the idol girl chewing her food.

  • B says:

    You are from portland!?