Charlotte #05 — RNG Says Add Some Bullies

August 1st, 2015


Christ, Maeda. What the hell are you even doing?


This episode began with Manic Pixie Girl #1 being physically dragged out of class by a gang to be beaten up while everyone else just went “Pretend like you don’t see anything.” Luckily, she has mutant healing powers as well and is completely fine without even the slightest bruise about 20 seconds later. And then this was completely forgotten. This little bit of imbecilic melodrama with ‘characters’ who exist solely to sadistically inflict pain is simply spat out and dropped. Do you feel emotional now!?

The rest of the atrocious episode was another week faffing around, this time with a camping montages instead of baseball. All in the name of harassing Captain Hoppy and takes offense to people ambushing him and then filming him. How dare he? And then they nearly kill him by brain jacking him in the middle of a stratosphere jump, but that’s okay too, because… I’m not really sure why exactly. They totally told him it was and why not believe the dicks who hunted you down and almost killed you over a video camera? Team protagonist is really getting closer to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with every episode.

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  • Paulo27 says:

    inb4 the sister dies from common cold.