Braves of the Seven Flowers #07 — Psyche! It’s the Rest of That Flashback!

August 15th, 2015


Oh boy! I love surprises like that!


Remember how last week I said that at least they skipped over the angsty backstory, but knew it would be coming in the future? Well apparently they didn’t skip it, they just decided to rearrange the flashback. Maybe they felt bad for having nearly twenty straight minutes of that. But don’t think these flashbacks have the time for anything shocking. No, of course not. We’re just going to flashback to conversations. But then the budget ran out, so No-Shirt had to just have storytime without even any flashbacks. Jesus, guys. Are you trying to make me choose between which is boring me more, dry exposition or flashbacks with dry exposition?

At least, finally, after basically three goddamned entire episodes, things are finally almost sort of in motion again… at the very end. And they sure did require ten minutes to explain their plan of “let’s sit here and wait,” along with explaining why Adlet would go there, followed by Adlet repeating the same reasons and then showing up. Think we might’ve been able to skip at least one of those, guys? Hell, I’m pretty sure we could’ve skipped both and the repeating of everyone’s personal theories about what’s going on since we’re no doubt going to get them all yelled out next week when we recongregate anyway. But good to hear them for a seventy eighty time regardless!


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  • algorithm says:

    Next week (or the week after since it may not air then)should be nothing but fights. And then for the rest they’ll give you plenty of opportunities to whine about them running in circle.

  • dark says:

    the strongest man in the word can´t beat a mere assassin
    by the way chamo was the one that break fremy horn?

    • Paulo27 says:

      You do realize he’s no “mere assassin”, right? These guys are literally the strongest people in the world, Adlet is not necessarily only strong when he was his weapons but obviously he’s at a disadvantage without them.

  • Longing says:

    I feel like “Let’s keep them in the same place for 4-5 episodes” was not the direction most people would have liked this series to head.

    • Aroduc says:

      But then where would we have our flashbacks or story time?

    • Germanguy says:

      i already skipped this Episode, and plan only to continue, when they get out of this rat trap. I dislike the lost of their true goal, beat the Demon Lord. Not themselves

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    I’m not even watching it anymore but let it be said that this week’s God Eater had a harmless flesh wound:

    Also, they’re going to skip the show for another week!

  • kenuran says:

    From how the 2nd OP looks it might just spend the rest of the season on this dumb squabble. I mean the show has gone this far and we haven’t even seen anyone on the demon lord’s side outside of the grunts that good guys effortlessly kill by the dozens.

    You would think there would be some boss fights before the bad guys tried the turn everyone against each other routine but nope. We get endless exposition about what the demon lord is, some grunts to kill, some crap about this barrier thing that i still can’t understand what its supposed to even do, and then flashbacks…

    • Aroduc says:

      Worringly, as I mentioned in the season preview post, even a casual glance at Wikipedia says that as soon as they resolve this and get out of the forest, they go right back into it with yet another new hero. I’m not sure that DEMONS or whatever are ever going to figure into the story at all. Just an endless parade of being not-Danganronpa where the culprit might do something someday.

      I had originally thought (although didn’t look up far enough to know for sure), that the gimmick was the first LN volume kind of thing, so would be over and done with in about 3-4 episodes at standard slow LN pacing, so they could move on to doing it again in a similar timeframe. Not so much anymore.

      • algorithm says:

        Each volume is about the heroes getting stuck in some place thanks to someone’s machinations and they start fighting each other because they have no idea who’s the fake.

  • frisky soul says:

    While I didn’t expect them to only adapt Vol. 1 (which is only them stuck in the temple + flashbacks), pretty much all Volumes are about the mystery of what’s the Majin, who’s the fake hero, and them being stuck in some place. If this is not your thing, then of course you’ll find itboring, I wonder why would they adapt this tough, I mean, it’s not absent of action, but it’s not that much, specially the first Volume.