Braves of the Seven Flowers #05 — Next, Let’s Sing Kumbaya

August 1st, 2015


Well, that was boring as all hell.

God Eater’s production woes continue as it’s off tomorrow. Just as well, I didn’t particularly want to watch it anyway. Now for the challenge of what to do in the 4 day span. Ugh.


Whoever’s been telling the director that these camera spins and pans around the room are okay needs to be beaten with a trout. This was pretty much exactly the dull episode of talking heads sitting around that I was fearing. Everyone stood around in a circle and introduced themselves while Adlet made some fantastic insights like “This guy who giggles constantly, dresses like a cat, and badly needs a haircut is totes suspicious,” which doesn’t stop him from gasping in shock when the same guy then admits to being a killer. Meanwhile, the camera lurched and swayed in a very spirited attempt to make it feel like something was going on. But gee, how else could we have ever found out about The Shirtless Wonder being a halfbreed aside from standing in a circle talking about it? Organic storytelling is for losers.

This whole episode should’ve been about five minutes long. The payoff here should be the heroes splitting off into their little factions and then characterizing themselves through their in-fighting, not twenty goddamned minutes of campfire introductions before the cliffhanger is the first serious accusation.


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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Ah, torture, every 14 years old girl’s dream.
    Somehow this wasn’t as boring as I expected.

    • algorithm says:

      I was expecting to be bored to death. That was actually better than any other episode bare the first one. I guess the catsassin is somehow helping things feel less static.

  • algorithm says:

    “God Eater’s production woes continue as it’s off tomorrow”


  • Neclord X says:

    The weapon of the crime is a F*cking sword? Is that hard to guess who could have put it there without even entering the building? I mean is not as if there was someone who could control swords or anything.

    Come on, even Shirou would get this one. We don’t need Conan Edogawa

    • Germanguy says:

      Put it in, and chant a Word

      So just moving the Sword with Magic would not do

      • Germanguy says:

        Btw, this Talking only Episode, has more attention then the entire Episodes so far. It is this “Sherlock Holmes” vibe, that make it interesting.

        And yes, this Camera spinning is Shit. Please let it Die!!

    • Paulo27 says:

      I thought that too but she can only control her own swords, that one is special and it almost needs a chant to work.

  • The Phantom says:

    Would have been more interesting if the ending had not spoiled it already, and catassassin seems to be baiting the murderer here, he probably already know that mr MC is too stupid to plot something like this.