Working!!! #27 — Yamada Family Values

July 4th, 2015


Eh, at least the gimpy mini-Poplar is in the OP.

Gatchaman shouldn’t be up for about an hourish past when I’m posting this, and Rokka for an hour after that, so I’m going out to do some Aroduc stuff for a little bit. I should get back not long after Gatchaman pops up, but I might be held up.


Well, at least Yamada was the first character shown/reintroduced, and they saved the blatant reintroductions for just a shortish opening segment, but it just wasn’t a particularly good episode. Particularly weird and unpleasant was the bit with Katanashi picking up some stray child and Poplar feeling neglected. There are lots of ways they could have gone with it; rivalry, begging for attention, some kind of kangaroo pouch papoose for Poplar, feeding the child to Yamada, etc. They even hinted a couple, but instead, just tried to go emotional and after some unrelated padding, resolved it halfway through the episode before it even gained the slightest traction at all.

The second half featured the Yamada clan, which you’d think would’ve been easy, except that Yamada didn’t really do much of anything other than drag her/a mother back, and Yamada♂ does not exactly have what one would call comedic chemistry with bloody Inami. I’m fairly certain that there are pornographic doujins out there that have put more effort into Yamada forcibly trying to create a family than this episode did. Both segments feel like they should have been intertwined and the A and B plots of an episode instead of stuffed into the first and second halves with what essentially amounted to filler to get them to reach the full whole ten minute time requirement.


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