Umaru #01 — You Dead

July 8th, 2015


She shouldn’t have gotten a 100% on that English test either.


It’s so helpful to have a show that explains what it’s showing to make sure that I understand exactly what the jokes are going to be and that they’re unusual. I haven’t seen a piece of Japanese media that does that for maybe fourteen seconds. One certainly has to commend it for succeeding at being exceptionally obnoxious when the joke was “she’s throwing a temper tantrum.” Now that’s a punchline for the ages. Up there with “I’ll train hamsters to do this.” “Hamsters can’t do that.” I definitely know I’ll be telling that one to all my friends. All you really need to know about the humor is that they tried to unironically use “Nice Boat” on Nico Nico Videos as a joke. You missed the boat, guys. By years. I’m not even sure if they really understand what they were doing or were just emulating something they saw a lot.

I guess at least it was sort of trying for variety by tossing about five completely disconnected segments together and calling that an episode. It’s not suffering for lack of an animation budget either, although I’m not sure why they were in as much love with ten year old CGI for walking through rooms and halls as they seem to be. The male lead exists mainly to explain what’s supposed to be passing for jokes and the titular Umaru’s schtick is explained in excrutiating detail in the opening minute and is pretty much the only vehicle for the jokes. 

Once again, it boils down to a comedy that annoyed me more with its weird music or occasional screaming than it made me even think about cracking a smile, and nothing grates more than twenty minutes of jokes that miss the mark.


Next Episode:

More of the same.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    This should have been a short series, because what this season really needs is another short series (there’s like 10…) but before that they should have made another season of Nozaki-kun instead.

  • Rz says:

    I think I almost caught heartattack when watching this show.
    It’s too moe for me.