School Live #04 — Let’s Go to the Mall

July 30th, 2015


But in the past. For multiple weeks. Let’s stretch this noise out!


Oh fantastic. Not just a flashback episode, but a multi-part flashback episode. The only thing even slightly hopeful about this insipid origin story for a character that barely even bothered to show up in the second half, was that maybe they might decide to show a certain somebody get eaten. But I doubt it. The focus was supposedly on how Girl B was such an important friend, but the only way that came out is by how the two of them went to the mall together, and sat around in their little bunker together. That’s it. Only BFFs For Life go to the mall together in Japan, apparently.

Like Charlotte, its overall setting took a couple pretty big hits too with its decision that cars don’t really attract zombies yet also provide a safe haven from them (and zombies immediately give up as soon as you’re inside a car or move more than 5-6 steps away), and that one little girl with an improvised weapon is enough to fight off a small horde. Additionally, after seeing state of emergency huge disaster super important broadcast, featuring people literally eating each other in the streets, simply blithely continuing onward to the mall without any further thought in her head. You deserve to be eaten at that point, guys. Also, I’m a little curious why every single window in the city is broken. It’s like they wanted to show that the city was in ruins and just went with “Eh, break all the windows, but leave the ones inside intact and foggy so we can have menacing silhouettes wander past all the time.”

Next Episode:

Flashback continues.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Dead by stupid.

    This episode was really a stepdown from the last one, Miki is not nearly interesting enough to have this type of thing, at least Megumi has the “is she dead?” thing going.

  • Opulent Rag says:


    So. Bored. Bored… bored… bored…. booooooooooored. I know this anime wasn’t made for me, but shit. It’s like watching an episode of K-on or some other moe girl-focused show where the faceless, lifeless background characters do nothing but shuffle on and off screen, showing little to no cognitve awareness to their surroundings. Actually, that would be good comedic social commentary on anime character dynamics, were I sure this was a deliberate move and not another dime a dozen “cute girls do random things” anime except this time… with zombies (except not really).

    I’m just gonna go on ahead and search for the manga or read a wiki; because this WILL NOT get any better anytime soon.

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea the whole the teacher is dead is what keeps me intrigued, she was supposed to be alive in the flashbacks, but alas when they were sneaking into to the car she MAGICALLY teleported inside the car if she was there all long (or not there to begin with), so I am unsure if she was even alive in the flashbacks or when she died.

    I have a thing for zombie apocalypses, I love this.