Rampo Mysteries #01 — Realm of the Shadow People

July 2nd, 2015


And somehow, they were the somewhat interesting part of the episode.


You know, Japan, I’ve been rather enjoying iZombie, so it’s not unwarranted amounts of exposition or mysteries that necessarily turn me off. In its first half hour, it established the origin story for the protagonist, about a half dozen more characters, their relationships, their personalities, the basic rules for zombies, and set up a mystery, all while being snarkily witty with its dialogue. And what did we get done here? Well, the first 1:40 was just a girl-boy wandering around, looking at a butterfly. Then, after the OP finished, there was another 30 seconds of panning around a school before about 20 seconds of her slowly waking up with a murder weapon in her hands and a dismembered corpse and blood all around her. And what did she do then? Stared. For about another thirty seconds. Not that that stopped the music from kicking into hyper overgear. But she sure as hell didn’t react. To anything at all in the episode. My guess is that she has more ritalin in her than blood. Then, with murder established, and a few characters having introduced themselves before wandering off to not be seen for the rest of the episode, we… spend the entire second half sitting in a dim room chatting. 

The episode because it moves at the speed of molasses with a similar amount of weight and urgency. Boy, doesn’t that sound exciting. Ten minutes listening to someone give a lecture. You’re making me miss the first half with its weird shadow people. Speaking of which, the thing that obviously stands out is how it doesn’t bother to draw characters until they’re ready to slap a nameplate on them. Oh wait, until the socially imbecilic protagonist ‘notices’ them. The obnoxious chirpy teacher, for example, pranced around as a shadow person like everyone else for quite a while, but only gets to be colored in when she directly addresses our socially inept protagonist, who starts sniffing herself in response. But it still beats goddamned listening to a ten minute lecture. Stunning twist about the victim uncovered organically? Nah. Let’s just deliver it the same way we covered introductions and lengthy exposition about how you’re skipping school. Why do you even bother to animate that? Put it on a goddamned book on tape if you just want to hear the guy talk. This isn’t a detective story. This isn’t about solving a crime. This is just dull.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    When they have to state onscreen that the protagonist is a boy, you know something is really really wrong with him… I agree we should call her a girl and be done with it.

    • Sanjuro says:

      Yeah everyone in this anime is stupid. No boy has a bum like that.

    • Aroduc says:

      The wrong necktie confuses me!

      Also, Edogawa Rampo’s stories are like… made of transvestites.

      • Paulo27 says:

        My first thought was “why is that girl wearing pants… Jaaaapaaaan!”
        I don’t think I’ll ever understand why there’s so many characters like this, like, this is not even a proper trap, he certainly doesn’t act like one, who cares, and of course you’ve that obligatory scenes where girls surround him and call him cute and “oh, I’m so jealous, you’re cuter than me” what the fuck.

  • Chipp says:

    >I’ve been rather enjoying iZombie
    What a coincidence! Actually I’ve also liked the first season quite a bit too.

    Also there’s a theory that
    >The obnoxious chirpy teacher
    is actually a crossdressing male too.
    So this is a total sausage fest.

  • Blas says:

    And this is terror?

    • Dave Baranyi says:

      The terror comes from the thought of being forced to watch more than one episode…