Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist #01 — Let Me Just Rub My Face On Your Crotch

July 4th, 2015


That’s so hilarious!

Just FYI, not that anybody expected me to pick it up a billion episodes in, but I’m just going to pass over DRRRRRRR to keep Saturday’s new shows to a more managable fiveish.


Not that it took a crystal ball to see this coming, but this turned out pretty much exactly like I expected it to and exactly like the promos showed. It was content to spit out its stupid premise, which is pretty much the same as that awful space idol thing, and then be very proud of itself, with such awesome jokes as “I am a ‘terrorist’.” “Hello, police. I want to report a terrorist!” “Do not do that!” Or let’s not forget the visual jokes, where she basically moaned while the whole assembly looked at a pair of mating flies, causing the entire school’s vagina to flood/penises to go fully erect because it was just so sexy. I think the joke was supposed to be that there was no joke there, but they reacted anyway becuase they’re so repressed. High level humor. This is a show where if it tried to say “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” wouldn’t have even gotten to the comma because it would have cut away to a shot of a girl blushing furiously and then a geyser erupting to show how flooded her panties are by the mere allusion to an erection.

JC Staff production, and they’re long past their heyday, so it was weak at the best of times. I guess at least there weren’t long, drifting shots of ceilings. It seemed like it would be giving Logos a run for its money in the weird music department, but the kazoos and rap are still king of the junk heap. Characters are fairly dismal as well. The male lead is your standard horrible slackwristed halfwit, and aside from screaming ‘jokes’ or moaning occasionally, all the female did was spit out unneeded exposition… which was already further provided by a narrator at the start.

What it boils down to is that it’s a comedy where most of the ‘jokes’ made me wince because they were yelled… and not jokes. It’ll likely draw a lot of comparisons to the other sex comedy about a student council, and well it should, because while that quickly got stale by repeating itself, at least it took the shotgun approach to jokes and had more in its repertoire than exaggerated reactions.

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  • Sanjuro says:

    This is Japan’s answer to Equilibrium.