Castle Town Dandelion #01 — Allow Me To Explain…

July 2nd, 2015


Does this show even know what comedy is?

I’ll do the Evol OVA after I eat dinner (a couple hours). I glanced at it. It was weird. That’s probably no surprise.


I really have to applaud the restraint they showed; waiting all the way until the second half of the episode to go onto an expositional parade of each character, listing out their powers, personality type, and having them mug for the camera with their catchphrase. A whole twelve minutes? Wow! Not for the protagonist though. No, she started giving exposition to nobody in particular, explaining about her family and situation within the first 30 seconds. Thankfully, after the OP, they decided to split the expositional duties. I particularly enjoyed the protagonist cowering in embarrassment from random passersby, and then one of the characters explaining that she always did what she had just repeatedly done. I nearly missed that.

I also pretty much missed where the jokes were supposed to be. I guess the humor’s supposed to be that sometimes one of them squeals and blushes in the middle of exposition. I guess there was the one time they were flying, and realized they were wearing skirts. Or later, her skirt was accidentally teleported away? That’s… sort of approaching a gag, I guess? Or how the protagonist immediately switches to an entirely different personality when it’s time to chase after purse snatchers, only to switch right back when she remembers that she’s using the powers she had her entire life and uses like its second nature. It’s funny because… her writing is terrible? I don’t get it. Japanese humor is far too advanced for my poor brain.

It’s a comedy that didn’t make me laugh once, just made me wonder what the jokes were supposed to be, and was full to overflowing with exposition. These are not things I’m looking for.   

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Blas says:

    The exposure is common in the early episodes as introduction and explanation necessary this should disappear in the following episodes.

    • Anonymous says:

      but why? its just lazy to just always say “first ep is for info dumps” why not have some natural exposition come out bit by bit or even let viewers use their brain

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You’re being much too gentle on this p.o.s.