Aoharu x Machine Gun #01 — Dawn of the Nuclear Age

July 2nd, 2015


My eyes!


“How do we show it’s a flashback?”
“Put a haze filter on it, obviously.”
“Are you sure? The first time we passed through that scene, it was already saturated with bloom.”
“Okay, but we still need to finish animating the action scenes.”
“What? There’s blurry lines on the edges already.”
“You mean speed lines?”
“No… No… They’re not really moving very fast or very far. Sometimes they’re just standing still. More like… slow lines.”
“Works for me! Pass the blow.”

The visual direction is bad. Really bad. And that’s just not when the entire screen has turned white because someone accidentally dropped a sun into the background of the shot, or when it goes into its eye-rollingly awful “this was totally super cereal scary” moments when instead of leaning on the bloom knob, it goes the opposite direction for contrast. At least in those cases I can actually see what’s going on instead of being blinded by a pair of ivory white people with blonde hair, one wearing a white shirt, against a gleaming white background emitting further light that streams out from all around them.

But enough about its attempts to blind me. What we have here is the typical half-assed adaptation of something trying to throw everything at the wall and hoping that it sticks. At least, I assume so because the protagonist’s internal dialogue never stops, never shuts up, and about 95% of the jokes were “I thought something… BUT IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE!” plus an overexaggerated reaction. Then, when the ‘action’ scene began, just about everybody in a twenty foot radius felt the need to give multiple paragraphs explaining what was going on. Which is a good thing too, because what they were showing were people just standing there, or a table occasionally exploding because someone stepped on it. There’s also a bit of a culture gap here that they’re being all silly about “There’s a guy waving around a real gun!?” *laugh track* Although that’s far more an offense at the very concept of humor for trying to pass that off as a joke, but still something that… well, only even works at all in a culture where gun violence is not really a thing at all.

‘Wacky’ humor based on non-existent jokes, massive budgetary deficits already, up its own ass with its BB gun killer instincts, telling instead of showing the whole way through but especially for the ‘action’ scene, and visual direction whose answer to everything is “more bloom.” Oi. But at least some of the music wasn’t bad.

Next Episode:

You can tell the force of his yelling by the yell lines.

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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    It’s “Ouran Survival Club”… didn’t that just make you want to rush out and pre-order multiple copies of the BDs? …