Show by Rock #12 — Friendship… Doesn’t Really Do Jack For Once

June 21st, 2015


Those guitar picks look like angry faces.


They freed all their friends and defeated the giant moth in barely more than the time it would’ve taken the OP to play. Good thing that was a cliffhanger. Yada yada, darkness turns into a giant blob and tentacles everyone until Not-Elvis saves them. Yada yada darkness turns into a giant giant under Cyan ‘leaves’, but actually turns into a magical girl and saves them with a guitar bow. Then they pledge their eternal friendship, which gives her the courage to join a club.

I lack the will to go over how insipid this was, how almost the entire conflict was other people saving her butt until she made up her mind to actually do something, or how its friendship crap was not at all tied into the magical asspull that won the day. Or maybe that’s the lesson. Believe in friendship power to give you the strength to… try. Try to save your life from a giant blob of evil. Lord knows there’s no reason to do that if you don’t have your friends at hand cheering you on. If you’re going to take that awful route, at least commit to it instead of whipping out a magical transformation and one shot instakill. Also, the egg is really some guy or something.

Final Thoughts:

I saw some potential for this to be entertaining at the start because it was such an out of control, madcap affair, with manic eggs and fighting giant skeletons. Perhaps a more simplistic structure with a monster of the week and an evil The Man out to record the ultimate evil song for The Profits or whatever, but given anime’s general predilection for convoluted plots that are all blathering and no substance, those are not things that bother me overly much.

Unfortunately, these seemed to be things that the show was not interested in after the first episode and it shuffled them into a closet for making mountains out of molehills and resolving basically everything by caring hard enough, despite the show being perfectly happy to create the most superficial of characters. Which is also how why most of the problems supposedly happened as well, but again, mountains, molehills, etc, and some of the things they had little tantrums about were spectacularly trivial, while others were overshadowed by being magically mindraped. Not that it changed the resolution method in either case, and something something about familiarity breeding contempt, or more accurately, repetition breeding boredom. And that’s when things were happening involving the characters actually doing anything, which was rare enough. A ridiculous amount of time was spent having them (or more often, side characters of no import) sit around and discuss their schedule.

So no, it was not the Saturday morning callback I was hoping for. It was insipid, the characters imbeciles, and couldn’t even manage your boilerplate conflict of the week.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Heh. What do you expect when they went hibike. Honestly speaking, I’d rather have it fully done Nenderoid style. Memo to watch out for Studio Gooneys in future.

  • Germanguy says:

    Oh well, Praise Daft Punk, without them there would not be their Interstellar 5555 Anime Music Video, and there would not be the inspiration for this here.

  • Chipp says:

    At least the music was cool – much better than in these idol shows.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Soooo…how did Cyan return to her world?