Seraph of the End #12 — Here’s a Half Naked Vampire

June 20th, 2015


What more do you want?


And so it limps across the finish line for this season with an episode of rest and recovery after its pathetic exertions last week where after about 15 minutes of posturing, everyone fought for 30 seconds and then one army simply left. Way to be ambitious. The first half was simply boring nothingness simply there to fill the time, but the second half was especially repellent since it might as well have been renamed “You’re so great, Mr. Protagonist,” until it broke down into a montage of every single character with a unique design being bored. Me too, show. Me too. 


‘Final’ Thoughts:

This is taking a little napsie before coming back for another season, so it’s not goodbye so much as a “see you later,” although unless it once again airs in a miserable season, I doubt I’ll be picking it back up. The characters are all completely undeveloped and as interesting as wallpaper paste, they hardly interact with each other at all except to yell about being friends, and the plot crawls like an ant trying to drag a glacier. There is not a single member of the cast that has had any kind of arc, growth, or even meaningful interaction with another or the world at large after twelve episodes. Sometimes they spit out some tragic flashback, but the only connection to present events is that the character was under some stress at the time and then it’s simply dropped and totally forgotten.

Add to this writing that often makes absolutely no sense, tries to unconvincingly rebrand itself as a new show multiple times through its run. Despite the occasional modest budget, a staff that has only heard of what an exciting action scene is in the myths and legends of yore so the fighting scenes are simply things to occupy the time between all the chattering Cathies gossiping about who has the biggest power level, if not simply skipped over entirely, and I don’t know what’s supposed to be keeping people watching this. Probably the protagonist who has the darkness within. And the forbidden love between a halfwit and a halfwit vampire.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kadi says:

    “[…] unless it once again airs in a miserable season […]” … And what are the chances for decent seasons, truly? I mean, the last shows I remember you rating better than “does the least of what’s expected of it and thus utterly forgettable” are Symphogear and Horizon? The latter being 3 years old now…

    So, I’m looking forward to you covering this again in… whenever!

  • Paulo27 says:

    N-next season will be better!

  • Aquaconda says:

    From my knowledge of the manga, I knew this was going to be bad. Shows like this are coming along to capitalize on Attack on Titan’s success, except take AoT’s flaws and magnify them while lacking its merits and uniqueness.