Seraph of the End #11 — Hugs For Everybody

June 13th, 2015


Snuggle time.


The animation budget recovered somewhat after the last few weeks of embarrassing itself, but the pacing sure as hell did not. Five minutes into the episode and Yuu’s still screaming in shock over his long lost BFF, and all the action was plagued by the original sin of stopping every five seconds to show characters gasping, standing rock still to taunt people in ‘surprise’ attacks that require a two sentence setup, and the not-as-original triplet sins of “everybody else simply stands around, staring at Romeo and Juliet breathlessly gasping each other’s names,” “I have no idea what constitutes a wound at this point,” and “everybody lost to what has always been cannon fodder offscreen.” I think my favorite terrible moment may have been when Yuu gave in to the power of darkness, and instead of, say, grisly massacring a vampire or something, he charges at one and then… attacks the ground, creating a giant pillar of light with a halo. Yes, dear audience. Gaze upon true, horrifying darkness, striking mercilessly at the dirt. Jackass didn’t even scratch the vampire he was attacking. I don’t think he even killed one of them before he had to get his obligatory hug to come back to his senses. Get a new cliche, Japan.

So we can call it a step up from its recent escapades, but only maybe back to where it was a month or two ago; a cliche ridden mess of non-characters prattling on in between the occasional moments of decent action and occasional moments of ridiculous backflips, with uncomfortable moments of two boys innocently staring into each other’s eyes, telling each other how much they care. The writing would make a college freshman weep, but at least it was ridiculously imbecilic this week instead of not present at all. I mean, Christ, the day was saved not by Captain Attacks Dirt, but because there was an entire army of reinforcements waiting just off screen, led by a man that shoots tigers from a sniper rifle. I don’t even know what I should say beyond that. It’s like a Far Cry mod gone horribly wrong. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • dark says:

    guren have auto heal?he run and all with a hole in his chest lol
    my poor mitsu and shinoa raped…
    shinoa saving the day well i thought for 1 sec that she will stab some on him or say some spell, well it better that leave mika fix him with more hugs

  • juju says:

    “everybody lost to what has always been cannon fodder offscreen.”

    they are not cannon fodder though. They all have names.

    And what he wants to do is to kill the sinners which are humans that is why he attacks Shinoa and just lets the vampire goes.

    Also the reinforcements army leader at the end is not the tigers shooter guy but the guy that speak with Guren at the end

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    That was probably about as interesting as it gets and still so incompetently handled. “Things are happening… maybe… sometime… yeah… RETREAT!” is hardly something enriched by knowing the source material.

    It’s also still absolutely hilarious how Guren literally announced the sniper’s attack just so the writing could spare all the characters involved. Although that still wasn’t as bad as Mika’s and Yuu’s non-conversation. Also, everytime one of Guren’s squad members popped up was slightly hilarious.