Mikagura School Suite #09 — Reaching For New Lows

June 1st, 2015


Next week, they win a battle by remembering to breath.


Well, here we are. This is it. History in the making. The absolute nadir of ‘action.’ A character who can be defeated only by ignoring her, not caring what she says, or, you know, simply attacking instead of dissolving into a puddle of uselessness. That’s right. Her only weaknesses are ignorance, apathy, or getting mad. Or being deaf. Or being smart enough to know that the only way to shut her up is to win. Jesus Christ. It’s not even like that’s a distraction. That’s her entire schtick. She says embarrassing things until the other person’s Mario Kart balloons explode out of embarrassment. How could this idiot have even won one battle is a testament to… I don’t even know what. Probably how godawful the writing is. It’d be more believable if she was blackmailing the entire school instead of… trying to embarrass people... forcefully. And that they needed to cheat to win this battle that they pulled out of their asses in the last five minutes from nowhere against someone they had met maybe once before with no build up and nothing at stake is a sign that everybody involved its production has given up on this fiasco.

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