Gunslinger Stratos #11 — I Know, I’ll Turn Into a Giant!

June 13th, 2015


Has that ever once solved a problem?


I was getting ready to make a snide remark about how it was hard to be all that into it since we all know this only ends with magic cubes and friendship power, and the silly flashback recap of the supposedly important Daibanchou Tohru at the start was about the hardest they could possibly wave a flag for ‘heroic sacrifice incoming’ that I could imagine (fully expecting them to back right out of it), but then the show surprised me by kind of not doing any of that. Besides the magic cubes I mean. And not in a good way. The final confrontation basically went:
“I’ll shoot you with my magic cube gun.”
“I’ll turn into a big sand person laser light show.”
“I’ll shoot you again.”
“I have a magic shield.” 
“I’ll shoot you too.”
“Oh no! I am undone!”

However, that’s removing about 99% of the blathering about the future and the right to be sad and whatnot. Mostly though, it was an utterly anticlimactic way to end things and not the back to the walls struggle you would have expected, particularly coming after  about a third of the episode spent having talkies time in flashback world. Maybe we were supposed to think that a second army of the Vocaloids was the struggle, except that both of them simply ran through (or stood in) the hail of bullets and the magic shields made sure they just had some superficial fleshwounds to make it look like they had been struggling when they might as well had been having a picnic.

Next Episode:

Oops, back to the game’s original premise.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Your Summer 2015 Preview hasn’t shown up yet. Are you too traumatized by the horrific lack of potential?

    • Aroduc says:

      After this season? Nah. I’m feeling optimistic. Or at least well-primed for anything that’s a slight step upward. I only got started on it for real this weekend since it’s still 15 days off from the first show airing. My goal is next Tuesdayish, which should be natch.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I’ve already gone through the upcoming shows and will punish myself with try-outs of 20 of so of them. To give you an idea – the show with the most “promise” to me is the second try at “Gatchaman Crowds”…

    (Actually, I don’t really care a lot because bass season starts next week so I can fish all summer instead of gouging my eyes out watching bad anime…)