Etotama #11 — It’s Time For Flashbacks!

June 18th, 2015


And we’re just going to have the main character sleep through the entire episode.


All that really needs be said about this episode is that A.) the entire episode was spent in a flailing clusterbuggerance of flashbacks and grunting to try to add emotional weight to any of the mess, all but foregoing the cow’s death after Obi Wan Cow came back for a pick me up speech and to bestow the force, and B.) the cat slept through the entire thing. Well, I guess and also C.) It wasn’t even trying to be funny or have any action this week, which I’m pretty sure were the only things that it could only semi-passably do every once in a blue moon. Punch Line tries to build up to its finale by having the cast refuse to leave the house for the entire season. This tries to build up to the finale by taking a nap. Why do both of these shows still have another bloody episode left?

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