Etotama #10 — If At First You Don’t Succeed

June 11th, 2015


Try making the same episode again.


This might have sort of worked if not for, you know, the last time that they totally definitely for real killed a character at the end of an episode just to bring them back next week. I imagine this time it’ll take two weeks due to being at the end of the episode. At least it’s a move towards the inevitable final, and knowing that the suffering is nearing its end is a bliss unto itself. The fight was decent too, which we haven’t seen in a while, even if there still was way too much yapping and faffing about in the background over “Oh this totally has something at stake and some kind of reprecussions on like, the world or something? I don’t know. But you’re sooooooo evil.”

It’s still an episode plagued with problems despite the uptick, beginning with overt, haphazard “Oh crap, we forgot to hand out all our Mardi Gras beads” (and how do you even screw that up and start losing count?), and ending with trying to unring the bell for a one-note joke character and trying to make us feel emotions for them. Along the way, they also did a number of the rat’s antagonist factor even more than being basically named “Squeaky” has. Oh, I’m sure that they thought they were being all “Look how badass she is” by giving her some imbecilic super power that they had to spend a goddamned minute explaining, and then having her ‘lose’ and summon the ass-pull power of darkness, somehow missing that they had her struggle against and nearly job to a character that jobbed to the cat in the second bloody episode. No matter what kind of lip service you try to use about ‘being totally serious this time,’ when the big boss struggles against the lowest tier jobber, unstoppably powerful foe is not exactly the message that you’re sending.

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