Chaos Dragon #01 — Let’s Murder Some Children!

June 20th, 2015


Only a badass show would dare to go there.

The first three episodes aired in a special (along with a bunch of staff and cast interview crap) last night. The actual broadcast doesn’t begin until the 2nd, which means… over a month until the next new episode, which is frustrating since…


This episode began with some random kids faffing around, and went just long enough to think that they might be give the audience the benefit of the doubt before launching into a dry summary of the global situation. If you aren’t aware, like Lodoss, this is designed to be the result of a roleplaying game played between a bunch of notable names in the anime/LN/VN industry, and while this episode just had the typical obnoxious milquetoast protagonist with the power of darkness dragon inside, the following ones did, but I guess I’ll get to that eventually.

The real problem with this episode was that it was just kind of boring, but that’s pretty much to be expected when you set out to make a fantasy world full of magic and dragons and then focus on a protagonist whose greatest ambition is to sit at home and eat gruel, and the entire first half of the episode is spent wenting for something to happen with little indication that anything is about to. That also completely robs the death at the end from having any kind of impact, because our hero has only two emotional states, screaming in anguish, and potato. Well, that and drawing it out for nearly a bloody quarter of the episode. The bigger sin may be that once he finally did unleash his super dragon within, it took the form of a few ridiculous looking sword clashes due to the relative sizes of the participants before it simply cut away to show him win from a mile away via fire pillar like he suddenly became a magical girl. This is a sentiment we may be revisiting in just a moment, because I did glance at the second and third episodes, and…

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    Children doing this?

    Are they really Children?

    • Anonymous says:

      possessing dragon took over his hand and made him do it as part of a ritual sacrifice in exchange for dragon powers. it was lamer than it sounds .