Serif of the End #08 — Driving Lessons

May 23rd, 2015


Are we still on Namek?


Well, this was right back to the former version of crapalicious. I can’t decide what my favorite awful moment was. The way it tried to build up the tension of them being surrounded and in a corner and then simply cut to them having won? Or perhaps the way some random new antagonists blathered for a while, simply wandered off again, and then they desperately tried to convince us that that situation was so so dangerous because power levels or something? Perhaps it’s the aside they took for driving lesson shenanigans where our stoic, angst filled protagonist transformed into a six year old practically wetting himself in excitement.

Or maybe it’s how they’ve got what appears to be a twelve year old with severe PTSD who starts having panic attacks the moment anybody even gets scratched, who then becomes romantically obsessed with anybody who doesn’t act like a sociopath? How fortunate that there’s only one person in the world who has ever shown a modicum of… Christ, I can’t even call it kindness. He didn’t just stand there and watch her die. HE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. HOW WILL I CONTROL THESE GIRLY EMOTIONS WHIRLING IN MY UTERUS!? Good god, this is the closest thing to character development this show has.

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Exciting stills.

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  • Kadi says:

    Don’t worry. Soon enough it should take the ghoul route with a (another?) bunch newly introduced characters we don’t give a poo about (again) before… a training arc. Yeah… Look forward to it!