Seraph of the End #09 — Want Some Drugs, Kid?

May 30th, 2015


We’re hitting all the imbecilic high notes, aren’t we?

The Japanese broadcast had a giant traffic report telop over the last 20% or so, so… here we are.


Four episodes remaining, so way, way, waaaaaaaay past time to start building towards anything at all, right? So we kick things off with vampires attacking a veritable army of archers of the good guys with ridiculously flimsy CGI helicopters that are completely vulnerable to a single arrow, followed by a not-suicide bombing of a wall, whereupon the entire army packs up and leaves, letting the vampires… send in more of their toy helicopters, but this time, they’re armed. I have questions. Like if how guns are effective, why is everyone not using them? And if the vampires have a billion explosives, missiles, helicopters, and planes lying around to waste them on an attack that failed within about one minute of a full on, air-supported, all-out assault, why are they using half-baked plans involving releasing a single child not filled with explosives?

Anyway, the attack didn’t even last for five minutes, so proportionally, it should have been two sentences. The rest of the episode was spent sitting around on their asses, waiting for the budget to recover from that pathetic exertion. The writers weren’t to be outdone though with the introduction of random magic pills that give people more power, which is something whipped right out of the ass that literally none of them in their combat training had absolutely any idea about before this point. Japan really needs to understand that combat skill is not a discrete numerical measure, and especially to stop assigning specific numbers to it. Of all the imbecilic things to take from Dragonball, why did that have to be it? Oh, but don’t overuse the magic pills, or something bad might happen. So, of course, I give it about two episodes, max before someone overuses them and the worst that’ll happen is they have to sleep it off overnight in the drunk tank. Just say it’s meth and will send them into a berserker rage with the strength of ten baseheads. That would at least make me chuckle.

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  • Chipp says:

    Just a little spoiler, but overusing of pills has happened in the latest chapter instead.

  • algorithm says:


  • dark says:

    the bullshit from arrow vs railguns was LAME