Seraph of the End #07 — Reinvention Mk 2

May 16th, 2015


Why didn’t we just start here and skip the entire school crap?


You know, Wit, when the protagonist was standing around at the start going “Finally,” the feeling was mutual. As for finally what, it would appear to be reinventing itself again, this time into a light novel with the introduction of no nonsense super capable action girl who spends the entire time being mocked and shown to be kind of stupid and relatively incapable, and by the end of the episode, is already naked in the shower, having post traumatic flashbacks, being molested, and trembling in the ovaries when she thinks about the protagonist. Japan really loves pulling this, don’t they? ‘Smart’ characters warn protagonist not to do the altruistic thing because it could be a trap, they do it anyway, and everything works out great for the protagonist. They learn nothing, ‘smart’ character inevitable wants to bone them for it. At the very least, kill off one of the meaningless characters to drive home the point that he screwed up. I suggest anybody on the cast. A flashback after the fact, especially sandwiched between fanservice is just barely a step above lip service, and doesn’t teach the MC jack anyway. It’d also be nice if he at least stuck to his guns instead of then going all “Yeah, I guess you were right after all. I mean, sure you were risking some little girl’s life and we handled the situation easily, but I was wrong.” Either give your protagonist a spine all the time, or don’t. Trying to have it both ways just means your lead is a pile of ill-defined muck.

Anyway, I’d be more annoyed or exasperated by it if this step into generic LN territory wasn’t a drastic step upward after over a month of nothing but climbing up on the roof and shouting “Friendship!” The action, while still not great either, was also at least something of a step up too, if for no reason than it provided to easily understable situation of “monsters, vampires, kill things” instead of being some kind of metaphysical struggle with inner demons. Still would have been better if, again, they were ever in any real danger, or all the lipservice they were giving about oooh vampires amounted to much more than a couple half hearted swings before the inner darkness was unleashed and they tucked their tails between their legs and wandered off, but hey, at least goddamned friendship didn’t win the day this time.

Next Episode:

New girl ovulates.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    Post production.

    When the Anime airs for the first time, there is already episode 2-5 in working. Shirobako told us. So changing things that went wrong at the start, needs time. Or they cut themselves into the flesh and draw all things a new. this is suicide…

  • ZakuAbumo says:

    Trust me, this show won’t ever stop stressing how _real_ it could possibly be and how characters could die and how, hypothetically, theoretically speaking, shit could go down even though it clearly refuses to.

    At least the action keeps being animated.

  • Sanjuro says:

    Why is the wimpy guy the only one with a fancy hat?

    • ZakuAbumi says:

      Maybe fighting without a hat is like driving without a helmet – socially acceptable. You might die in a car crash and whatnot but at least you got to keep your lunch money.

  • dark says:

    tsundere and with big boobs
    asuramaru have the same horns or something¿? that krul have in her head maybe she too is a vampire

  • The Phantom says:

    This show needs to keep killing named characters, can blondy annoying bitch die for example?