Seraph of the End #06 — “Friends Don’t Kill Friends!”

May 9th, 2015


If you do not shut the hell up about friendship, so help me I will feed you to a rabid labradoodle.


I am really struggling with this show. Between the absolutely glacial pacing, the insultingly awful friendship power crap that they keep pulling, and how the budget has evaporated in a puff of smoke, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be watching for nor do I have any hope that it’s going to be pulling itself together and actually moving towards anything in any way when all it’s managed so far is a bunch of antagonists going “War’s coming!” If next week’s thing ends up being as similarly dismal on every level as this one, I think I’m out. A little belated, but no less deserved.

Anyway, this week, they followed on from last week’s ‘cliffhanger’ by spending half the episode struggling against their inner demons in dreamscape flashbacks, and the other half yelling about friendship. And by struggling, I mean their inner demons yelled at them for ten minutes. There wasn’t actually any struggling going on, just staring. It was more like a recap with added posturing about how tragic these poor teenagers were because people died. Or are sick with magical herpes. This was too much for one of them, so they had to fight him, and by fight, again, I mean yelling about being friends, and friends don’t give up on friends, until it worked, because friendship is the true power here. But there’s no room for sentimentality on the battlefield rarr rarr! Imbeciles. Every one of them.

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