Punch Line #08 — “But What Should I DOOOOO!?”

May 28th, 2015


Maybe you need to stop telling us that you’re fumbling aimlessly.


So… about a third of rehash, a third of info dumping, and the rest spent of faffing about. Not to repeat myself, since Japan has cornered the market on that and who am I to compete, but if the characters are not invested in what’s going on, how the hell can you possibly hope for the audience to be? You cannot throw crap out like “I really super care about them!” or “I really want to save the world!” and then have them show that by loafing around and reluctantly attending Christmas parties in stupid costumes. If you’re so keen on saving the world, then why is it second priority to dressing up like a reindeer? Why is he seemingly spending entire days sitting around the house, doing nothing? This is not a hero’s quest to save the world and all his friends, no matter how dramatic it keeps trying to pretend the last few seconds of each episode are. It’s closer to a metaphor for depression the way that he sits around the house all day, unmotivated to do anything and waiting for someone else to notice and then solve everything while the entire world is literally destroyed around him. Maybe the most insulting part is how they then go “Oh, he totally is doing things that change everything” after the fact, like they tried to do with saying the stalker teacher was apparently so badly injured that he no longer killed anybody.

I guess that leaves all the exposition dryly spat out in the middle while people generally stood around staring glassy-eyed at each other and then proceeded to do bugger all with any of it, all as usual. The guy who stole the bear… used to be a part of the group but quit and they’re mean. How meaningful. Qmay or whoever made something that will do something, and is part of the great conspiracy for the grand plan for humanity. Well golly gee. Now I’m sure invested and intrigued to learn more. Oh, and the robot’s doing all this random crap because it was her maker’s crazy and ridiculously specific last wishes. Gee, how satisfying. I’m glad we took time out to explain that. What did this episode even exist?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    I don’t want to defend the writing of the show, but if you had a reindeer costume I doubt you would get anything done either.

  • algorithm says:

    This is a new low point for this show.