Punch Line #06 — The Groundhog Day Twist… For Imbeciles

May 14th, 2015


It’s like they’re paid by the word and nobody ever stops to tell them that what they’re writing makes no sense.


Oh, fantastic. You know how I love episodes that are nearly entirely exposition. But the reveals are shocking and stunning, right? Nope! Gasmask Guy is… some guy, who I’m almost certain has never been seen before, but not really him even though he’s just some random stalker. The real antagonist is you know… whoever. That guy off somewhere else. Well, that certainly couldn’t have taken up the entire episode, but that’s where it pulled out the reveal that nobody could have possibly expected; spending a significant chunk of the episode on flashback montage about how the robot and Squeezed Orange met, and wandered around, and were friends… followed by a montage of friends being sooooo friends. You know why nobody expected that? Because it’s imbecilic. Just like “It was just some random stalker.” What purpose does this serve? Why was this information suddenly needed? What are you going to do with it? None. It wasn’t. Nothing.

Oh yes, and the big one. Captain Underpants’ true identity. It’s… exactly who everyone with a functioning lobe expected him to be, so of course the audience surrogate was shocked to his core. I guess we’re also just forgetting that he’s already changed history at least a dozen times, mostly from himself destroying the planet. And if he screws it up again, who cares? He can just try again, like he apparently has been forever. I don’t even know why he needs to possess his own body, and don’t even want to get into the paradox here. But now it’s serious, for some reason. So here we go, at the end of a goddamned six episode Groundhog Day Gavotte, except that it’s not even that. Did Captain Underpants/Protagonist mk (n-1) accomplish anything? No. Did he communicate anything new to Protagonist mk n? No. Did he even try to touch base with any of the other characters… including his goddamned self… to gain their trust and maximize the chance to save them all? No. Did he fritter away his entire time learning nothing, accomplishing nothing, and doing nothing to set up the next loop for success? Yes! But I can only assume that this loop will be special, because, you know, feelings. At least if they don’t spend the entire thing on long expositional sequences based around inconsequential trivialities. Again. 

Also, he’s a lesbian, which may be the least believable thing in the whole show and also the most utterly inconsequential.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    It’s a girl.

  • jingoi says:

    adam sandler was a lesbian so why can’t whoever you’re talking about because I only gave this show 10 mins for panty shots.

  • Blas says:

    This is the anime with less sense
    i’ve seen in years.

  • Abyss says:

    For some reason I feel it would have been better had the show begin with the very first loop rather than get us in loop number XXX1! What is worst a twist we saw from miles away or one coming from nowhere? No need to choose this show has both!

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    The girl twist was actually effective. I certainly didn’t see THAT coming.

    Can’t say the same for lolsuperman though. This also makes me wonder why we couldn’t have gotten that twist by the end of episode 3. Three episodes would have been enough to set up the premise and the characters. Which this still hasn’t quite succeeded at or is there anyone here willing to tell me there’s some characters one should care about? (yeah, yeah, the bear, the turtle, you name it)

    Which adds up to six episodes for nothing other than “Here’s where the real show starts!”. Let’s see if we’re in for some more padding next week despite that.

    Half the fucking show, good grief.