Mikagura School Suite #08 — The Pancake Conundrum

May 25th, 2015


Get it together, Dogakobo.

While I did forget about this due to the vacation day, I remembered it even before it popped up. Get your act together, uh… TV Aichi stream uploaders.


Uh, at least there weren’t any obnoxiously angsty flashbacks, although shockingly, all the same problems that have plagued this series were in full force once again. Time for another arbitrarily spat out event, forcing them to pair up, and you’d think with the attention called to some pairs, like the music girl and the guy she humiliated, they’d be doing something with that, but no. That was just part of the weekly tour of characters that they couldn’t fit into the ‘event’ itself… which was just a tour of characters with the greatest joke they could manage that the busty one’s breasts were flailing out of control like a pair of pineapples in a washing machine for some reason, and Eruna was staring at them instead of the vision test. You’ve now read the best joke the episode has to offer, and yet another argument for Japan’s growing need for additional biology education and bras.

As for Eruna’s partner, she just continued to not like Eruna until she wandered off… then a moment later, wandered back, the two have a tea party, and then run away from/one-shot a giant robot cat. The end. How this was supposed to move things forward, develop characters, or accomplish anything at all is a mystery to me. I’m pretty sure that a tea party has never been a valid use of time in any piece of media ever, although I was rather impressed by how they went out of their way to draw pancakes every time there was a closeup on the table, even drawing them having been eaten, yet completely forgot to draw any silverware and the pancakes themselves the rest of the time. Where are the goddamned pancakes, Dogakobo?

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