Mikagura School Suite #06 — Angst High

May 11th, 2015


Christ, Japan. Could you be any more melodramatic for less reason?


So… after setting up Trumpet Girl as an antagonist last week, she ends up going down to Random Tertiary Sidekick with little more than a whimper, who then becomes the fight for the week instead of the antagonist they actually set up. Except that we’re still back in the first episode’s budget range, so the fight was more like staring at each other and grunting. Both of them. You’d think it’d be easy to make a lightsaber gunsword exciting, but they found a way around it. The music girl one was especially horrendous as it was about 97% blather, and half of that from behind heads so nobody had to animate anything. And then, they just went ahead and ended this episode the exact same as they ended last week’s episode, with some random new girl cruelly curb stomping Some Other Random Tertiary Sidekick. This episode was basically a goddamned 360.

Meanwhile, they just skip over a bunch of fights in a montage. Okay. I guess I didn’t want to see them anyway, certainly not when there’s angsty flashbacks to be had. And angsty flashbacks there were. Like usual, not connected to anything or for any purpose at all. Just some random character or two suddenly having an attack of the weepies so that when Eruna stops by like usual, their stare after she leaves can linger slightly longer and the power of girl Jesus cures them of their weepies simply by existing. Great.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    It’s too bad that TV channels no longer have Test Patterns because you would be better off watching test patterns seven times a week instead of the anime series that you’ve chosen this season. (The three new series that I’m following aren’t much better, but I’ll take what I get, I guess…)

    Oh well, just think of this season as a three month “training arc” for yourself and hope that at the end you will be a “better” person, or something… LOL

    • ZakuAbumi says:

      That isn’t anything new though.

      Aroduc’s still on Namek. Has always been.

      • Aroduc says:

        I pass my time making crackpot theories about things like how the institutionalized respect for authority in Japan has resulted in a passive unwillingness towards parody, satire, and makes their cultural output extraordinarily ephemeral while in the west, people are still quoting 1980s commercials about hamburgers.

        Also translating bad pornography.