Mikagura School Suite #05 — Miracle Man

May 4th, 2015


It’s funny because his character writing’s a mess, apparently.


I have absolutely no idea what the point of this episode was. They spent a hell of a long time trying to milk scant jokes out of being really melodrama over a pop gun booth thing, which really did nothing but undermine their previous attempts to be all angsty with Angst Boy by turning him into a gag. Even if it’s a bad idea, it gets worse if you’re inconsistent and indecisive about what you’re doing. That unfortunately chewed up nearly a third of the episode alone with another half at least just being faffing around at the fair in the typical “let’s check in with random cast members, but not to actually do anything or advance anything.” Also, as little humor as possible, even for this show’s low value of humor.  

I guess that leaves the ‘point’ of the episode coming at just before the 20 minute mark with the stunning battle against a band girl. She brandished a trumpet, it apparently made band noises, then he grunted until he lost. Oh, but she’s mean about it too, so now it’s personal, I guess? Not exactly living up to the action (such as it is) of the last three episodes, guys. 

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