Gunslinger Stratos #08 — …Who ARE You People?

May 23rd, 2015


At least they aren’t dwelling on all these random deaths, even if that raises the question of why they even happen.


Oh, apparently Boy Carrie wasn’t eaten by the Sand Borg or whatever. Instead, they killed… some random guy? At least three or four times this week, I had to ask myself who the characters were, and what world they even belonged to. I’m not even sure that I could really say why the Vocaloid girl was important to Boy Carrie. Wasn’t he attached to the pigtailed girl who died early on? Or Pinky who caused him to snap? Why’d his evil-sand-fueled… whatever… turn into an army of Vocaloids then? Pinky was in his vision too. Where were the armies of her? Oh right, that’d look stupid in CGI, and we can’t have that. 

Unsurprisingly for armies of CGI sand people getting mowed down while conveniently missing/shooting shields, it was another weak episode as far as action goes, and this is at this season’s low standards for such. And with a lot of the rest of the episode focused on “We gotta do the thing in the second half,” which was a foregone conclusion, and the rest on just random characters who I still couldn’t tell you who they were, there wasn’t anything as exciting as exposition about the futility of supergluing knives onto pistols either. 

Next Episode:

Polka dot tie fails to snap his fingers.

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