Etotama #08 — Wacky Races

May 28th, 2015


Oh boy, it’s back.


Well, at least it wasn’t a recap, but there were a lot of wasted opportunities here in order to serve the same stupid one note jokes for each character that they’ve been using the entire run. I can’t help but think to South Park’s relatively recent Wacky Races parody episode… which was kind of terrible, but at least you could see the parody there. I’m sure Wacky Races isn’t the thing in Japan that it is here, but they’ve still got iconic things like Speed Racer and Initial D to provide ripe parody. Instead, what they seem to have taken their cues from is Mario Kart, or maybe Kirby Air Ride, because the only ‘joke’ about the race is that they ride on random objects associated with them. Not even vehicles. Just random props. Which were all just thrown up on screen in a stream before the OP even played. …Why did you even have the race again if the main ‘joke’ of it was over 30 seconds into the episode? So you could do the same schtick for each character as always, but now standing on a random prop?

So what else is there aside from that? Well, they talked about DVRs and DVDs. And how they exist. That was the joke. Ratings are lower because people use DVR. And then the ‘god’ performed miracles. Slowly. Performed. Stupid. Miracles. Not even a joke like the ol’ “watch me pull off my finger” or “got your nose” tricks. This cup was broken, and now it is fixed. This is a routine they stretched out for an entire minute. Although it probably pales in comparison to the obliviousness when it’s trying to say “This is so exciting and we can’t look away” and then constantly cutting away from it, or talking about how neck and neck the race is while simply skipping over that. This does not have the awareness for that to be on purpose. Nor do I have any idea where that nonsensical moral lesson at the end came from. Same place they’re pulling the jokes, most likely. Spoiler: it’s someone’s butt.


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Bird brain.

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  • OverMaster says:

    Actually, Wacky Races is for some reason HUGE in Japan. Dick Dastardly is Hanna Barbera’s most beloved character in that country.