Etotama #06 — Robert’s Rules of Order

May 14th, 2015


Any time someone explaining starts amendments to the clauses of the rules of fighting, you know there’s a problem.


Well, at least they went back to quasi-action in the SD CGI bit. It’d help if they had more than one joke and about eight minutes of talking about having feelings for the first half. And the second half. I mean, why not have some inane aside in the middle of a ‘fight’ for two other characters to rule lawyer at each other? I can’t think of a better time than interrupting the fight. And then further interrupting it to have them ramble about their feelings. If you cut out these imbecilic speeches about how much people care or have feelings, these supposed feelings wouldn’t exist in the show at all. That’s a problem, although certainly not a unique one to this show.

Speaking of problems… The Monkey King/Son Goku with the monkey would have also been like… the easiest goddamned thing imaginable to pull all kinds of wacky stuff with, or even parody Dragonball for the especially low hanging fruit, so of course the entirety of it is giving the monkey a staff. Which it then proceeded to not use. And will not be having a future fight with the cat either because this counted as all three. And the fight ended with one again with the power of feelings manifesting as a grunting laser light show that wins the day, making Gunslinger Stratos’s flipped manhole covers continue to look like battlefield genius.

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