Show By Rock! #04 — Fashion Montage

April 26th, 2015


Even by anime standards, that was a weak fashion montage.


Another waste of an episode, and it’s starting to become clear that we’re just going to be in a holding pattern from probably episodes 2 to 11, with one band from the stupid phone game showing up a week, not interacting with anybody in any meaningful way, and then vanishing again. This week had them just go to a more classical instrument based concert, then they decided to maybe work on their style, had a fashion montage, and then that was it. The end. Oh wait, one of the guys yelled a banal bit of morality at them, so they decided to have a slumber party and just talk about things instead, whereupon the pink one unhinged her jaw for some reason.

I think the two asides with the guys did a good job of highlighting how the already empty episode ended up running a few minutes short and needed something to be jammed in at random to pad out the run time. About the only substantial thing I’m willing to say about this episode is that for a medium that so often and relentlessly turns to fanservice and visual appeal, the form-fitting sweater is criminally under-represented. Maybe because every piece of clothes in Japanese media is form-fitting. They could wear the Goodyear blimp and it’d somehow be skin tight.

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Shocking reaction.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Tonkotsu RAAAAMEEEEEN~~~

    Just like on Sanrio’s youtube clip.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    At least they’re actually developing the main characters together UNLIKE The Rolling Girls…