Punch Line #03 — Dick Turtles

April 23rd, 2015


I’m unclear how being bit on the dick powered him up.


Also, why exactly was there a giant bottle of cinnamon just sitting out to be thrown? Apparently Japan is one of the two world powers alongside US too. And the pet bear is magic or something. And at least one of the girls is a secret robot. The last part unfortunately fell victim to the spectre of unneeded exposition spat out from absolutely nowhere. It’s weird too because the episode would have made a lot more sense if they had focused on her and saved the reveal for the very end. Instead, the reveal came in the middle, was followed by basically unrelated faffing, and then they had to flashback to try to make things make sense, a doomed proposition from the start, even before mishandling things this badly. 

Well, I’ll admit that the writing going completely off the rails is an improvement over last week’s half broken down carousel of nothing. They still haven’t made any kind of case for the protagonist to exist though, and a healthy chunk of the first half was spent on an awful bit where Pinky was trying to pull the ol’ Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne act that they kept pointing out was really stupid. Here’s an idea. Instead of pointing out the problems with your own show, don’t put them in in the first place. Same with the ‘hilarious’ misunderstanding while eavesdropping later. I don’t even know what to say about the “I won’t get a boner from an 8 year old in panties… OH NO I DID” ‘joke’ that they saw fit to end the episode on.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    I know what to say about that ending…..those were boring panties, lolis have worn better than that.

  • Jack says:

    $20 says the show gets serious at some point and stops being random.

  • Germanguy says:

    You know what, and i am surprising that Aroduc not found it out already, but these Robot Girl resemmbles a bit of Velma in Scooby Doo

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    While I’m relatively saddened by the lack of YouTube cat sex, at least Aroduc brings back all the fun of humorous redundancy by forgetting to change the template. That’s my favorite joke. It’s so funny every time he does that.