Nanoha ViVid #02 — People Skidding Backward

April 10th, 2015


Well… it could’ve been shaky cam?


Wow! Did you see how actiony that action was!? She punched her, and the impact was so great, it sent her skidding backward! And then she punched her, and the impact was so great, it sent her skidding backward! Wow! Now that is enthralling! And only a couple minutes of dialogue between each punch too! Does it get any more exciting than that? Well, there’s today’s other offering, where they faffed about outside of the dungeon and away from anything happening for 20 minutes until a cyber gorilla showed up, whereupon the protagonist clenched his fist and said “Gotta get stronger!” and with a leap powered by speedlines, he did. The end. That somhow makes this exchange of skiddy punches somehow not today’s worst action sequence in a show purporting to have action. And which is why I ended up coming back and posting about this instead of that, because after about 5 minutes, I was so bored and annoyed that I skipped straight to the big finale, the protagonist narrating his feelings and speedlines. Christ.

They should both be ashamed of the weak-ass game they’re bringing to the table, especially how coyly they think they’re flashing around the tits like it’s no big deal. Bitches, don’t even try that. The main difference seems to be that one spends 20 minutes padding itself out with frieeendship and the other spends 20 minutes padding itself out with exposition and the same joke over and over again. It’s almost depressing how similar the two shows are on a macro level. Which is also eerily similar to how much disinterest I have in continuing to follow either. If you want to faff, then faff. But don’t spent 95% of your time faffing and then tack on some declaration of how much you’ve grown or how strong things have made you when you’ve done nothing but faff. It’s insulting. Or better yet, stop goddamned faffing. It’s the second episode.  

And Nagato Yuki doubled down on its blandness by going right to the original titular character in a clear desperation move gunning straight for the fanservice and friendship vote, perhaps forgetting that I am not a fan and friendship gives me gas.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Blas says:


  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Fridays make me miss Death Parade. At least there’s still Jojo.

  • algorithm says:

    I’m still mad at what they did (or rather didn’t do) with Dog Days so I’ll just vent about it here.

  • elior1 says:

    from what i heard from manga readers it seems the only real action we will get is from the tournoments which will be in this nanoha season

  • Kitsu says:

    So many sexual tention, in the fight, in the bed, in the bath, holly damn ! In the bath!

  • jingoi says:

    no minor amount of loli ecchi will make me watch this for the plot.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      That is a serious comment to make that it infers that this series is poor.

      At least there is still Prisma Illya next season to wipe this dirt. Prisma Illya is what Nanoha should have followed.

  • The Phantom says:

    I only watch this for the nanoha x fate, despite their faces trying to hide it it is OBVIOUS what is going on here, how about declaring them a lesbian married couple and be done with this, this show plot is garbage anyway nothing else to watch here.