Gunslinger Stratos #03 — We Got You Adorable Costumes

April 18th, 2015


Your nun outfit has ear muffs!


I wonder if Japanese characters are ever unnerved by the unblinking stare of death protagonists always give during exposition. Is that better or worse than the deer in headlights look from your Pleiadeses or Euphoniums? No sooner was I wondering than Captain Deathstare got a call in the locker room and they couldn’t seem to decide whether the woman was giving him the open-eyed stare of death, or napping. Every time perspective moved, her eyes switched from open to closed. Then that was all I could think about. Which was a good thing since the first half of the episode had, and this is the technical term, jack crap. Oh wait, I almost forgot. They got new clothes. He got a giant scarf with little stars on it, and she now has to dress like a nun. How appropriate.

At least they eventually pulled things together and moved in the right direction for the second half, although there’s still plenty of room for improvement. For one, the cliffhanger of the girl getting a giant hole put through her is not exactly convincing, particularly after introducing some new relatively unresolved stuff with her earlier in the episode. It might help add a little weight to things and make it personal, but I’m pretty sure the characters would end up more angsty than angry if they are actually going to commit to this… which again, I highly doubt. For two, they really need to think up some actual reasons to fight above and beyond “the computer started making noise and now things are serious.” For three, two guys with miniguns standing still (or flying!) as they simply open fire and their magic science barriers block all the bullets is not the exciting action they seem to think. For four, ugh, that CGI. Please don’t do that again.

Next Episode:

Getting angsty.

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