Etotama #04 — Insult To Injury

April 30th, 2015


I’m starting to wonder if this show simply hates the audience.


I really don’t understand the joke. “We made a big maudlin deal about this character supposedly dying… but she’s not dead. *ba-dum tss*” Yeah, it is a joke that everything up to including Looney Tunes has used, except unlike those, they realized that the point of the joke was to be funny and brevity is the soul of wit, not dragging it out for a week and wholeheartedly pretending otherwise. If it seems like I’m putting an undue amount of weight on that, let’s remember that this was the entire goddamned first quarter of the episode. Also, I guess the rat just gave up and decided to go home until the finale.

It was unfortunately otherwise a lot like the first episode, where they wouldn’t shut up about how cliche they were, except with more of them instead of just the cat. Oh wait, they first had to cover how boring the beginning cliches supposedly are before moving to the new ‘fan-pleasing’ cliches, missing the mark on both. At least they used lasers. The joke was supposed to be that how excessively marketed it was, hitting I think a little too close to home for a show made of the very thing it was trying to make fun of. Even the ‘fight’ was the lamest one of the lot yet; rock, bloody, paper scissors with cheating by stopping time. Didn’t even bother to hide it, and then almost insultingly, felt the need to spend a couple minutes going back and explaining that the time stop power lets her stop time… and not only that, when time is stopped, she can cheat! At least it ended in someone getting slapped across the face, although I’m pretty sure that’s cheating too. 


Next Episode:

Mareep vs Gengar.

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