Etotama #03 — Pork Kebob

April 23rd, 2015


I think you overshot, like, everything this episode.


And a big step back in every direction, most especially the awful attempt to wring out some emotion from the punchline of the pig getting an accidental sword through the head. She’s very nearly as obnoxious as the damn cat, existing only for her stupid speech tic and exposition. I hope she is gone for good, not that it trying to suddenly be the least bit serious would make that awful sendoff any less eye-rollingly ridiculous. It’s bad enough trying to take the antagonist seriously when she’s named basically “Squeaky,” to say nothing of the SD CGI style. If they do want to start getting more serious, then they probably shouldn’t be spending most of the episode shrieking through their noses about how wacky all their cliches are. 

Speaking of which, the rest was mostly back to the cat nasally screaming and announcing how ridiculous and cliche things were, including a damned maid cafe. At least they didn’t really stay there long, or do… well… anything at all with it other than note that it exists. And I guess at least there were the fewest puns yet, but continuing to mistake volume for humor and pointing to its own cliches as parody are irritating at best.

Next Episode:

Rabbit stew.

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