Yatterman Night #10 — Who?

March 15th, 2015


I had to look him up to understand why he mattered.


Fan-goddamned-tastic. I always say there’s no better way to begin an episode than with 3.5 minutes of flashbacks. It’s like shorthand for “We don’t give half a crap.” The rest of the first half was spent driving home that the world is a dystopia, in case you had somehow missed the last 9 episodes, that everything is grey, everything is in ruins, etc. And where was this all leading? To the big reveal at the end that the Yattermen aren’t behind this at all, but it’s the evil original leader of the Doronbo Gang. What a shock that nobody could have predicted… if they missed the last 9 episodes, that everything is grey, everything is in ruins, etc.

Between these 15 minutes or so of redunandcy and obviousness were a few minutes of (welcome) action, crucifiction and whipping about 10 more antagonists out of their asses. Yeah, I get that it was kind of a joke that there were a boatload of them, but it was also not, and it probably would have been nice if this crowd of morons had existed before this point, for a little badly needed variety if nothing else. Goro’s post traumatic attacks over Blindy seem to have also just been unceremoniously dumped altogether, probably since they still have no clue what they’re doing with her. If she’s not tragically deluded because of her blindness, she’s comically deluded because of her blindness. Maybe we shouldn’t be humming and dancing while on the cross if we’re going to be using this character to wring out drama later.

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  • jingoi says:

    I don’t care about the plot anymore, just going to stare at the loli butt.