Yatterman Night #08 — Sideboob

March 1st, 2015



Have we still not stumbled across the real, deposed Yatterman yet?


As the episode neared the halfway point and all it had done was sit at Doronjo’s bedside and given peeks at Blindy’s sideboob, I started to wonder if this was going to be the entire episode. So of course, the second half was about them befriending a baby plesiosaur and freeing its captured mother. And by freeing, I mean immediately got caught and then sat there like a bunch of boobs until it freed itself with Mother Power, whereupon the nets, apparently being made of magic, simply disappeared. That’s such a bizarre thing to explicitly do. Did they think it was a sticking plot point that they wouldn’t be able to free themselves from some nets that they needed to show that they were magic nets?

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One Lonely Comment

  • OverMaster says:

    “So of course, the second half was about them befriending a baby plesiosaur and freeing its captured mother.”

    Wasn’t this once was a Sailor Moon episode that everyone disowned afterwards?