More Death Air Hockey #09 — “I Like To Watch”

March 6th, 2015


Did this really need to be a two parter?


I wouldn’t say that things were wrapped up in any way last week, but it didn’t really have anywhere to go either. And go nowhere it did, unless you’re going to take some vacuous shouted platitudes as going. Maybe in the excretory sense. They try to draw a parallel between this case and judging people, but that falls apart the moment that you remember it’s the central conceit of the show, and I have no idea why a character with the personality of a rutabega would be having an existential crisis over it. And as always, the way everyone reacts to stress is going foaming at the mouth, bloodshot eyes, ass over nose berserk. A little contrast or variation wouldn’t hurt, guys. I’m starting to once again feel like the collective anime writers of Japan once again got into the salvia this season.

Anyway, the big twist is that the detective watched the kid’s sister get raped so that he could… uh… extract some unlawful vigilante justice later, I guess. Sure, he was going to kill the guy anyway, but it didn’t count unless the guy had raped someone. I don’t think that “different culture” covers it because this is like a comic book supervillain they use to make the Punisher seem moderate. I also have to wonder how godawful Japan’s police system is (and the vigilante cop’s murder-drive) that the kid was able to track the guy down to his home and murder him before they were. It’s not like they hid that his sister was injured or anything, or do they not do rape kits when someone comes in, beaten to a pulp with presumably massive trauma to the genitals. Yes, my knowledge from Law and Order is serving me quite well.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chipp12 says:

    >Did this really need to be a two parter?
    Definitely not, but after this episode some pretentious people just can’t shut up about how many FEELS this episode made them feel or smth.

  • Paulo27 says:

    This show could use a better director, that’s all.