Cross Ange #24 — Here’s All The Characters Who Don’t Matter

March 21st, 2015


Ange not actually appearing in this episode.


Same problem as the last half of last week… and the entirety of Garo for the last few weeks. Anyway, Embryo started sacrificing the nameless NPCs, sending the named members of his Falcon Force into PTSD fits, opening them up for friendship hugs of healing. For all the gunfire, noise, and people shouting about their feelings, they didn’t actually cover much ground and certainly didn’t for any characters with any importance. It’s not exactly critical to the story about a wizard rapist trying to remake the world and doing so via fighting a war using frisbees against giant robots and dragons that someone about 7 rungs down the command chain makes up with her former lesbian lover cannon fodder.

The principle players mostly just sat around and twiddled their thumbs. Ange, being the protagonist, is going to be the one upon whom the final thing turns, and what did she do this week? She bought some time by fighting frisbees for Sally to sing at a magical wall. Didn’t even sing herself. Don’t think she was even on screen for over 30 seconds. And then there’s the battle of the dark haired pair who… both had sex with Embryo? Yelling about it this week is the most meaningful interaction they’ve had in at least thirteen episodes, possibly the entire series. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the protagonists were… also fighting frisbees… but eventually with the help of dragons. Sunrise, I don’t know who told you frisbees were terrifying, but they were having a laugh. I was expecting at least the twist that Embryo had been having sex with Aura too and thus had brainjacked him, but no such luck. There was just bad male operatic wailing with the ‘cliffhanger’ of Embryo snatching Ange out of her clothes and teleporting away. 

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Panty plot device.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Winterman345 says:

    The ship flying with the dragons was over the top and badass.

    The frisbees almost killed ersha, thats something for them, i guess…

    RosaxCris falling was corny as hell.