Cross Ange #23 — You Can’t Solve Everything By Screwing It, Ange

March 14th, 2015


Eh, what do I know? Maybe you can.


There’s something I find fantastic about Embryo standing at a table with actual miniatures and a tiny stick, struggling to push them around an oversized map. It’s a lot more amusing than most of the episode, including Ange’s response to all half-assed emotional splurging from Hilda and Tusk being to shove her tongue and/or panties at them. Is this just how we interact with people now, Ange? By throwing our vaginas at them? Hilda just told you to be her man, and Tusk said that your panties are warm. I don’t feel like we’re all on the same page here with these hoo-man emotions, although it’ll be damned appropriate if her panties (or lack thereof) end up being the key to defeating Embryo. Like, say, his real powers only work on people wearing women’s underwear. That would be such a perfect note for the show to go out on.

The obligatory truly inexplicable part of the episode was when a bourgeoisie mob stumbled over Sylvia right before Angie accidentally crashed in, they begged her to save them, and so she shot one of them in the face. Yeah, that’s right. Screw that guy in particular. Princess Handicapped then remembered that her legs work and have always worked. It was really nice of Salia to wait and let there be closure to… whatever the hell has been going on with Sylvia. The problem here is that god-mode Embryo is the only antagonist that has posed a threat to anybody in ages. Well, a credible threat since they unceremoniously brought back the flying frisbees to serve as skeet. The only thing that comes even close is Embryo’s Falcon Force Four, which they had to pad out with random NPCs, and all they did this week anyway was bounce off each other and shout some names before, like the rest of the battle, leaving the ‘exciting’ conclusion to next week.

Next Episode:

Sky diving friendship hugs.

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