Chaika OVA — The Play’s the Thing

March 7th, 2015


To uncover the writing deficiencies.


When they hid in a theater at the start, that just happened to be putting on a play about dear old daddy, I made a sound kind of like “Urrrrghghnngnh.” I mean, sure, it was a bonus episode, jammed into a random point from long long ago, but they could have at least committed to being ridiculous if that’s what they were going to do. Instead, they kept trying to be serious, which Toru tensely hiding in the girls’ dressing room, sneaking out in drag and lipstick, all the while, the dramatic violas strumming away. If this was supposed to be comedic, you’re going to need to pull out something a little better than crossdressing and then them saying “You look stupid.” I think the joke was supposed to be that they were on stage with all the traditional godawful cliches associated with it; antagonists staring like idiots, audience assuming everything is part of the play, etc. And that was it.

Then we move to the second half, where at first it seemed like the joke was going to be every one of them falling into mud, but actually turned out to be them all stripping to their skivvies. And that was it. Like the first part, it mostly served to highlight just how incompetent the B team was. “I could go after them… but I’ll get muddy!” “We could stop them… but we have to save him from getting muddy!” I want to be perfectly clear here. These are not jokes. These are just things that the characters do. Like how the two B-Team females were just naked for no reason all of a sudden. No, seriously. They’re tracking them by the mudprints, fully clothed, find out that Chaika (and only Chaika) has stripped naked, and then the next time we see them, they’re in their underwear. Again, not a joke. Just something the characters did. Because apparently their ovary senses were tingling. Yes, I do expect a little more effort than that into my vapid fanservice.

What a fantastically stupid writing start to what will no doubt be a fully stupid day.


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