Absolute Duo #09 — Octo-Arm Attack!

March 1st, 2015


Animating is hard.


Another mess, but unlike last week where nobody could be bothered to do jack, this time, I have the distinct fear that they were trying. Well, sort of. Maybe they sent the interns in and they were trying. The first half was still kind of uneventful in that particular Japanese ‘we want to pretend like this is an action scene, but 90% of it is still going to be standing around staring’ way. I know you guys are proud of your godawful CGI mall cops for some reason, but the bunny girl growing an immunity to bullets and kicking them around for about 30 seconds spread out across about five minutes is not the exciting fight you think, even if they weren’t boring, clunky CGI monstrosities.

And then the second half kind of went off the rails. Mall Cop 1’s secret weapon was a Tron suit which… let him dodge their attacks a couple times, until flashbacks started running amok and it went to that also particularly Japanese kind of fighting that’s just a guy standing there with strobes flashing around him and/or a guy looks shocked when his opponent grows eight extra arms because directing and animating are haaaard. To be fair, I’d be surprised if someone grew a bunch of disembodied arms too. I suppose my point is that the direction this week was bad even for this show. But really what confuses me the most is how the character that the last two episodes of the arc has been sort of centralized around, Tits McGee, didn’t even bother to show up at all until the closing seconds where she gets her own Tron suit.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    Is not Octo-Arm Attack, IS NANTO SEIKEN !!!.

  • kenuran says:

    Oh boy! I cant wait for when Tits gets her own super armor so she can get manipulated into fighting against and beating up the main characters while crying about how useless she was till everything gets solved by tearful hugging and Tits going back to being useless.

    • AzureGrimoire says:

      Or she keeps the power armor… yet it’s useless to her thus making her useless. Wait… does the armor needed Tits for it to be useful or Tits needs to armor to show the viewers how skimpy it is on her over-sized funbags.