Yatterman Night #05 — Urinary Tract Infections

February 8th, 2015


I think that guy needs a doctor.


I’m not sure I get the character du jour. Or why they decided to pad out a comic relief sumo episode with random winter stuff. Back to the Pee Avenger though. He peed and he screamed about his mother. I… guess that could be a reference to something? Maybe? I don’t know. It’s not like we’re hurting for people going on about mothers though. The Yatter-robos were also awfully talkative this week. I wonder if maybe the writers went home early and let an intern handle things. Or maybe they were trying to win a bet about how much pee they could show in an episode. Juuden beat you to that long ago, guys.

Unfortunately, most of the jokes for this comic relief episode were limited to that guy peeing a lot, yelling about his mom, and then for the second half, over-narrating the fights like a sports match, because the greatest joke of all is too much exposition and over-dramatization. I think we’re good for those things without adding any more, Japan. Well, at least it wins the dubious honor of somehow being the most sensical episode of anime I’ve watched today, and isn’t that a thought? 

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