Death Repeating #07 — “Who Needs a Review for the Final?”

February 20th, 2015


Oh boy! I love recapping! And looking at food!


On one hand, this is easily the least misogynist episode to date. The new female character is just chatty. Wasn’t a blithering idiot, backstabber, or even make any castration overtures either. Good for you, Madhouse! Then again, that could be because it was half a flashback and entirely a “nothing happens at all.” I still really hate the “we cheat to stress them out” angle that they’ve decided to go with. Could you really not think of anything better than them having magical plot device buttons that do whatever they need to do? And they only spent nearly a third of the episode reiterating it too!

From there, we bake some bread. And a roast. And apparently the valley girl from last week is just sort of hanging around, just cause. After that, it was back to drinking and existential blathering. All it was missing was one of them going “All we are… is dust in the wind.“ And then, they ate some sandwiches. So basically, the second half was almost entirely cooking, drinking, and eating. Exciting times. What’s the matter, Madhouse, feeling left out of the food porn department?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • PP says:

    What bothered me with this episode is that they just pushed the “we cheat to stress them out” message even harder than before, I found myself wondering what would happen if I was the one being judge, I probably wouldn’t be ok with dying but I’m the type of person that’d probably get really depressed instead of violent, does that mean I’m better than the violent type? Just feels really random at this point.

    • Aroduc says:

      It really reminds me of that godawful Marilyn Monroe quote “if you can’t handle me at my worst…” And reduces everything to nothing more than how someone reacts when you screw with them. It’s a good thing for the narrative that none of players have ever called them out on the cheating, no matter how overt it’s gotten, and refused to continue going through the farce because that would bring the whole thing to a grinding halt.

      It also puts the first episode’s absurdly accurate ‘accidental’ dart throws in a new, especially unpleasant light.

  • Germanguy says:

    Well, as far i understand this Episode they wanted to show us, how the Arbiter works. They are Puppets, doing piecework to judge the Souls. It’s like the Tower they are working in, is not fit to handle this much.
    This “Chief” Girl is about to do something, without knowing the “Right hand” of God. I think she is afraid, that many “false” Judgments passed through these Arbiters. Perhaps she is afraid of the quality of Human Souls that allowed to rebirth.

    She want to create a new form of Judgment, away from the piecework into deeper and better understanding. But this is time consuming. Or she is about to “grow” active Decim into her successor. She want to been reborn as Human. She desire a Soul, she want to live with Emotions. In the end she is doing nearly the think that falls under “Fallen Angel”, so that would explain a bit her fear, that God will find it out

    And for the massive posting of comments, i have to life my name. You for “ranting” here, and me for posting many comments machine gun.

    But do not worry, this time i post only this here. And thats was i took many time to write this big. So that all my thoughts will now fit in, without a need of a Edit function

    (i hope)