Death Parade #05 — Water Versus String

February 6th, 2015


I, uh, don’t think that’s how water works.


Another meta episode, although it’s not really clear to what end and the whole thing felt rather directionless. That’s kind of what happens when you start and end focused on one character having symbolism dreams (very budget friendly too!) and then she spends the entire rest of the episode either getting dressed or asleep. Even discounting that, the galaxy billards and lolipop sucking was there I suspect more to give people who once glanced at a Philosophy 101 pamphlet a stiffy.

What wasn’t random babbling with “god” or “death” peppered into it was pretty much spat out with only the vaguest “it was a test” excuse as the overaching connection. Especially the bit about Who’s-Her-Face being someone in the middle of her own aborted/delayed judgement because she’s the specialest. I mean, it’s not like anybody would be surprised (at least I hope not) that there’s a meta judgement/game going on about the judge characters themselves, but yeesh. At least try to work it into things instead of having some guy scream it out of nowhere and then throw furniture around. What is this, Jerry Springer?

It’s also a good thing they remembered to put in a venomous snake-woman fellating a lollipop and talking about how she prefers to use stupid men whose name is the last syllable away from “castrate”. Subtle. That’s a bullet dodged.

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  • elior1 says:

    this show play with diffrent kind of card decks but one mistake and they can ruin the whole show with fatal deck