Death Air Hockey #08 — Manslaughter

February 27th, 2015


These guys are the brian melting scum of the earth? Really?


Wait a minute. If you’re going to pull the “My magical cheating stick is broken” card, why do you even have it in the bloody first place? They also expected “one of them killed someone” to carry the episode far more than it could or did. The detective especially was just a font of redundant exposition to spell out everything we already know about… well, everything. Have you noticed that Decim tells the truth and is emotionless? Yes? Well, let’s go ahead and repeat it two or three more times anyway. And like a couple of the other ones, was completely marginalized compared to his opponent, meaning that his contribution to the episode was about 90% spelling out everything that had already been spelled out multiple times before.

And yet, the game was still completely arbitrary. They just got their memories back at completely random before Decim stepped in and decided on a new set of rules… which they then just skipped over to jump right to the ED for the shocking reveal… which I also don’t buy as the horrible mind-breaking thing that they sold it as. I mean, good god. One was a cop who killed whoever murdered his wife, and the other was a kid who stabbed some guy who beat his kid sister to a bloody pulp. Unless we’re talking an execution style killing here, which it gave no idication of at all, even L&O would be happy to plead down to manslaughter and possibly time served. It’s not like they trapped the culprits and forced them to play some kind of twisted games for their lives before killing them. Now that would be sadistic. 


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    “…brian melting scum>>>”

    Is this related to “The Life of Brian”?

  • Anonononon says:

    This show isn’t nearly as clever as I bet they think it is. They literally chose the most obvious reveal one could come up with. Subtle is the last word I would use to describe how things unfolded up to that point.

  • Germanguy says:

    So this time, they let us choose between revenge. How is the more right one revenge? The Cop one or the Brother one?